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American Pinup - "Far Away"

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Artist Bio:

With their distinctive, A Clockwork Orange influenced image, sensational live shows and catchy, anthemic songs, American Pinup emerged from the suburban sprawl and unsung underground music scene of Westchester County, New York and brought along an original brand of fierce, exuberant performance that is just as wild as it is charming. The indie/punk four-piece was pegged by AMP magazine as the "voice of the new decade" and combines elements of rockabilly, surf rock, punk, pop, folk, and ska to create a unique and fresh alternative sound. Blending the DIY ethos of the punk scene with a reverence for the melody and simplicity intrinsic to pop music, American Pinup has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music. Their debut record was released in 2011 on Altercation Records, followed by a split with New Jersey punk rock hard-hitters Lost In Society in 2012.

American Pinup has appeared at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, The Fest, SXSW, Move Music Festival, Red Gorilla, Valley of the Vapors, Tinderbox Music Festival, Philly FM Fest, Upstart Fest, and many more since coming on to the scene. They have also been featured on compilation records such as Blood, Sweat, and Punk, Vol. 1 released by Altercation Records, the Punk for Progress compilation to raise money for, a global movement to end violence again women and girls, which features artists such as The Bouncing Souls, and most recently, the international compilation Punkabilly Shakes the World, Vol. 2 released by Japanese label Rude Runner Records.

The band is currently touring in support of their sophomore full-length release, Change Machine, released on September 3, 2013.

The video was made in bits and pieces over a long period of time and is a surreal dream sequence that aims to produce a sense of longing, but for something very vaguely defined. The band's frontwoman actually drove that cool, old rat rod, which is how she learned to appreciate power steering.

Director Name: Jon Leyton

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