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Window Seats - "Local Superhero"

Window Seats - "Local Superhero"

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"Local Superhero" by Window Seats is the video for our second single from upcoming EP "Frozen Bones". The video was 10 months in the making and in the end 36 people helped on it in one way or another. The director, Marty Stalker is one of the hardest working people we've ever met and a massive fan of collaboration. Between us we brought in everyone we possibly could to help. People were really up for it and glad to be part of something so unique and of such a high standard.

The video was shot in a set we built ourselves in an industrial unit. We knew that no comic book shop would be able to give us the kind of access we needed to shoot the video, so building it ourselves meant that we could plan our shots and set-ups very exactly.

We are lucky enough to count Ciaran Larkin at iMakeanything as a close friend. He's helped us on videos in the past, but his real passion is superhero prop and costume replicas. All the props you see in the video were custom made by Ciaran and if you don't spot them all on the first viewing, rest assured there are quite a lot of them in there.

Despite how the video looks, it was actually made on a shoestring budget. Like most things we do, we try and get the quality of the work as high as it can possibly be. We're DIY and really hands on with everything we produce and think we have achieved something with a production value worthy of a high end budget.

We hope you enjoy the video and tune. -The Band

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